Does your team have the skills it needs to be innovative? Is innovation part of the DNA of your company?

To make a long-lasting business difference, you need innovation to be integral to your company - with a culture and skills that continue to develop after the consultant has left. Teams need to have a range of skills to effectively produce and deliver on ideas. So, as well as your experts in Research, Development, Engineering, Marketing, and Finance, you need to have your in-house Innovation experts in place too. And the key to sustaining innovation within a company is to ensure that people are fully trained in the necessary methodology and techniques.

Building innovation skills

At Perth Innovation we can work with you to ensure that the core innovation skills are widely available within your organisation and that there is a "critical mass" of people with more in-depth knowledge.

We offer a range of innovation training, including seminars on:


Bespoke training

We also offer training tailored specifically to your organisation and its people. We work with you to identify your company's needs and to develop bespoke training seminars that will deliver the required results. We can also coach and mentor your less experienced project managers on a one-to-one or group level to develop the level of expertise you, and they, need.

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