Inversnecky Café

I shared this on LinkedIn but I thought it was worth turning it into a proper blog with some explanation.

The share was a link to a newspaper article about the Inversnecky Café in Aberdeen (see the article for the full board).

When I am in Aberdeen, if possible, I take a trip down to the beach and visit the Inversnecky Café. (In fact, that is where I am writing this blog.) It is worth visiting anyway, but the real attraction is their "daily special" boards, as shown in the article. The owners of the café decided that it was too  boring just to put the specials on the board and decided instead to put joke instead. They put pictures of the boards on their Facebook page and it is building up quite a following. I like words and puns, but the real interest is an example of the Put to Another Use operator in SCAMPER. Taking a standard tool (specials board) and putting it to another use, has raised the profile of a small, beachside café in the north-east of Scotland.


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